Style: IPA - American
ABV: 7.2%
9 Stars

When I tell people I’ve never been to the Upper Peninsula, Traverse City, or Muskegon, they tend to react with disbelief. It’s true though. I have seen more of Europe than of my very own state. Fortunately, I can travel around Michigan without having to leave my city (something extremely advantageous these days!) simply by hitting a local market and picking up various Michigan beers.

On my latest expedition, I came across a brewery I’d never heard of before, Five Shores Brewing, out of Beulah, which is southwest of Traverse City. I’ve been shying away from my beloved New England IPAs lately, in favor of Czech Pilsners and Kölsch, but I couldn’t resist trying a new-to-me beer Every Five v2.

Every Five v2 reminded me of the first time I sipped M-43 from Old Nation Brewing Company. I was beer-traveling around Michigan, in a sense, at the annual Zoo Brew, when I saw what looked like orange juice being poured. I was instantly drawn to it. As I poured Every Five v2 into my glass at home, I saw the golden-orange color and fluffy head, which reminded me of that first experience of seeing M-43.

Five Shores describes this IPA as having been dry-hopped every five minutes for 10 hours with all Michigan hops: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Copper, and Mackinac. That’s … a lot of hops. The bitterness was very faint for all that dry-hopping and half the can went down far too smoothly for a Monday night. After a while the 7.2% ABV finally hit me, and I realized that this really is an incredible beer.

It’s the kind of brew I’d be excited to bring to a beer-loving friend or family member and see their reaction: Would they love it as much as I do, or would they be dead to me? Inquiring minds, and all that.

I know one day my travels will take me around Michigan, and when that is I would love to visit Five Shores Brewing and sip this beer – and their others – with a view of Crystal Lake under some warm sunshine. I highly recommend this beer and I can’t wait to see what else I can find from this brewery, even without leaving my city.

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By Danielle Fracassa

Early late 30s, married, 4 cats, cheeseburger obsessed, New England IPA lover and world traveler. Head of the Detroit Chapter of Girls Pint Out, a national organization for women who love craft beer.

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