Style: Sour - Fruited
ABV: 5
7 Stars

With most people having to stay home during the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that there has been a surge in alcohol purchases and consumption. What else are we supposed to do at 1 o’clock in the afternoon on a Tuesday? So, while we’re “working from home” (yeah, sure), this is really the perfect time to try new local brews.

Michigan breweries have been working extra hard by coming up with new beer releases, utilizing curbside pick-up options, and incentivizing orders with glassware and merch. Many have felt the pinch of lower production and, unfortunately, the future is uncertain for a lot of them.

For those of us lucky enough to have access to it, Ferndale Project, the much-anticipated offshoot of Eastern Market Brewing Company (EMBC), has been offering delivery of their own beers and EMBC’s as well. Living within a mile of the brewery, I have taken particular advantage of this service and have loved every purchase. Ferndale Project seems to be coming up with something new every week, so when I saw Lovers’ Quarrel, a passion fruit sour ale, I jumped. Literally. I scared two of my cats in the process.

Lovers’ Quarrel is a good sour, and I mean a good sour. I have come to love and expect that slick, oily, tongue-coating feeling that accompanies a sour beer. The passion fruit adds an incredible tart bite that elicits a little shiver with each sip. The 5% ABV is pretty reasonable, but the rich tartness of the beer means that you will be taking a break after one or two, especially if you’re prone to acid reflux. The passion fruit isn’t overpowering, and the finish is a delicious lingering citrus. This is a perfect beer for a summer afternoon, ideally on a patio, like Ferndale Project’s patio once life returns to normal.

To order Ferndale Project’s beers, frozen food items, or a Detroit-style pizza order (they make amazing food!), check out The brewery is located at 567 Livernois,  the former site of Axle’s Livernois Tap.