Style: Stout - Imperial/Double
ABV: 14.5
10 Stars

“Holy Ravioli, Batman!” Ed’s back again with another beer review!

This beer review is for Quantum Gravity which was one of many barrel aged beers available in Ellison Brewery + Spirit‘s Anniversary Special Release allotment. The allotments were only available at the brewery on the day of the party, so you won’t be finding this one in the store any time soon.

There were tons of beers to try at the anniversary party, including the beer in this review!

The first weekend of October was celebratory for the East Lansing brewery as it continued to charge ahead with tons of positive news in the craft beer landscape – anniversary beers to accompany the 4th anniversary, new locations set to open in Indianapolis and Lansing, new partnerships with Kroger and 97.1 The Ticket, and tons of upcoming collaborations with other Michigan breweries.

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When I opened the can, I saw a deep dark hole of liquid goodness. The beer poured into the glass with ease and looked as dark as oil. Quantum Gravity is a bourbon barrel aged stout with toasted coconut. It has a rich barrel taste from its nine months in Old Weller Antique barrels. The coconut adds subtle sweetness to the dark chocolate emoting from the stout. It is not a full on Mounds bar with tons of coconut, but there is just enough to balance out the beer.

Ellison brought Quantum Gravity to this year’s Festival of Barrel Aged Beer (FOBAB) in Chicago. Zach White, Ellison’s Sales Director for North and West Michigan, said that while the beer didn’t place it was “well received” by attendees.

This beer reminded me of Ellison’s collaboration with Barclay Brewing Co. out of Chicago – Coconut Waves. Coconut Waves had a stronger coconut profile and less chocolate, but this one found a balance between the two and had a strong bourbon barrel aged presence.

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The 14.5% on this beer is potent, so watch out if you’re drinking an entire can or two. I cannot find a damn thing off or odd about this one, so it is my first perfect score for Beer Review!


Disclaimer: Ed purchased this beer for this review.