I probably drink too much coffee. You probably do, too. I’m not suggesting that the morning routine cup be replaced with beer (unless you’re on vacation, obviously), but it is sure nice to have options, especially if it is non-alcoholic. Recently while drinking BrewDog‘s Wake Up Call, a non-alcoholic “near beer”. This term “near beer” made me curious, so I decided to find out what it actually meant.

The words make sense on their face: it’s a beer that is so low in alcohol that it’s NEARLY a beer, right?! I found that another term for “near beer” is “small beer” because it was consumed by children and those doing physical labor.  My quick trip to Wikipedia also told me that sailors and workers performing physical labor-intensive tasks in the Middle Ages were known to drink more than ten pints of “small beer” a day. In addition to being given to children and those doing hard work, it was also given to women and anyone considered “weak” in society.

Personally, I cannot imagine a world where an elementary school passes out pints of beer instead of cartons of milk, but you know, progress and all that. “Small beer” was cheaper, while “big beer” was more expensive. Some thing never change.

Enjoyed while “working” from home on a chilly Friday morning.

BrewDog’s Wake Up Call is ideal for a chilly morning on the couch while looking up historical information about beer or just relaxing. The coffee flavor was perfect because it was just the right amount of roasty toastiness and a bit of chocolate. More than anything, this brew reminded me of sipping on an iced, unsweetened coffee.

Having a wide selection of “near beer” at my fingertips these days means that I can enjoy delicious non-alcoholic options, even though I’m not a sailor, during Dry January or any time of the year. I haven’t felt any particular urge to drink ten pints a day, but “working” from home on my couch isn’t quite as strenuous as working the docks in the 1700s, I’m sure.

Disclaimer: Dani purchased this “near beer” for this review.



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