Whango Mango Wheat Beer, need I say more. I think it’s clear by now I’m huge fan of wheat beers, especially fruit wheat beers. Atwater hits a home run with this one.

It pours nicely and the color is just as golden as the flesh of a ripe mango. The smell is exactly like you would expect, a warm mango scent. The mango scent isn’t strong but it’s definitely there.

With the first sip, the mango flavor sticks out but with a tiny bit of bitterness. The bitterness is so subtle but it gives this beer a kick that most fruit beers lack. As I continue to drink it, the mango flavor stays consistent, not over powering, but still just as noticeable as the first sip.

The artwork on the bottle is of a laid back surfer guy and at 4.9% ABV, Whango is the perfect beer to enjoy when you just want to chill.

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