Style: Maibock
ABV: 7%
7.5 Stars

Last weekend while killing time before a show, I popped into Ann Arbor’s Arbor Brewing Company for a quick bite. In a strike of good timing, that day happened to be Arbor Day, and in honor of their namesake, I was told every customer would receive a free white spruce sapling with a pint purchase. Well I had to get me that free tree. I guess I better buy a beer.

Having tried many of the other beers on their tap list previously, I decided on something I hadn’t had the pleasure of drinking before, their Uskratch Maibock. Lagers aren’t generally my go-to when selecting a drink to enjoy, but I like to dabble from time to time. And I’m happy to say that this one turned out to be a good selection.

It poured from the tap a hazy golden orange and smelled of bready malts and pine. It sure looked and smelled like a fine choice, and it tasted like a good start to a Friday night.

With some surprising honey sweetness, the Uskratch Maibock is a somewhat light, very refreshing beverage. There’s certainly some maltiness in this one, but not as much as I’d anticipated. I was surprised to find that this was quite sweet, as well as piney and citrusy… the hops come through on this one quite a bit. It has a midrange ABV of 7%, so it’s easily drinkable, but I’m sure if I’d downed a few more tasty glassfuls I would have been feeling it pretty good.

Celebrate Arbor Day all year ‘round and get yourself a glass of this one. I guarantee that it’s a good way to kick off the weekend.

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