Let’s talk about hype for a minute. 3 Floyds might be one of the bigger hype breweries in the country. Dark Lord Day is celebrated by many far and wide and with their very limited distribution, it is difficult to obtain their beers, adding to the buildup. So here’s the big question. Is it worth the hype?

I decided to choose Zombie Dust since it’s one of 3 Floyd’s most famous beers and it’s style appeals to me. A solid APA? Absolutely. Many people are also drawn to the great artwork on their bottles. Their website is a pretty intense place. The pour is really nice here. There is plenty of foamy head and the color is like a majestic lion. Very bubbly and opaque.

The taste of this beer is so solid. There is a great hoppiness but it is not horribly bitter. The finish has a nice fruitiness to it that I enjoy. The thing I enjoy the most is that it has a very filling flavor. No wateriness, no flavors that seem to stick out or go nowhere. It is full mouth-coverage of balanced and rich hop goodness. It may just fill you from your head to your toes with American barely-pale aleness. If you’re an IPA fan, do yourself a favor.
I don’t feel like I fall into hype but I’m not immune to it either. I like to think that I judge a beer on it’s own merits. I think Zombie Dust has merit. It has a very wholesome taste that fills you from your head to your toes. It has a strong hop flavor with enough fruity notes to make it sweet but not cloying and bitter but not harsh. I think what you have here is a tremendously solid and well rounded. You can call me a sheep but maybe you should try one for yourself first? All aboard!

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