Better on Draft 116 – Axle Brewing, A Very Stable Brewery


A late start to a great show, Dan Riley of Axle Brewing comes in to discuss their newest beers with a political theme, the backlash and love they get for their decisions, and break into the best and worst beers of 2017 and the future of Axle Brewing in 2018!

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  1. One of the reasons I like your podcast is that you guys do an admirable job of steering clear of politics. And generally when you do dip your toe in the waters, it’s brief, light and as likely to roll one direction as the other. This week was a glaring exception. If I wanted to hear from a one-sided jerk for an hour, there are thousands of places I could do that. I’d prefer if this weren’t one of them.

    • Matt,

      Thank you so much for your response. Our two biggest rules of our show is no politics and no religion, but when it does intertwine and our guest was being picked up for interviews nationally, we’d basically be ignoring the fact that he had made a beer called “Very Stable Genius”, as well as prior beers including Alternafacts. We questioned him about his position in the company, and his willing to put his feelings where his wallet is, and he did. I’d have to listen back to remind myself what else he said on air as we do our best to still keep it light, as mentioned.

      As you’ve heard for 114 episodes before, and will after, we will keep with our rules unless it crosses over into the beer world (Griffin Claws Moolah Milk Stout or their Me So Ornery). Just as I feel if we talked about the Spencer Brewery (only US Trappist brewery), religion would be talked about for a moment.

      We hope and appreciate your continued support and hope you listen next week as Dragonmead comes on!

      Kenneth Konarzewski Jr. Founder of Better on Draft.