Beer Tour Guy 017 – Axle Brewing


On the Beer Tour Guy Show Episode 17, Steve talks with Adam from Axle Brewing in Ferndale. Listen in for a one on one interview and learn why you should be drinking his beer and hanging out in one a cooler beer gardens in town!

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A craft beer fan since 19, used to look for your non-regular beers on frequent trips to downtown Windsor with friends, at 21 Ken basically took over an entire refrigerator with monthly visits to Merchants. With 5 years of podcasting prior, Ken decided to create the brand and show Better on Draft in the spring of 2015, and began creating his dream of a beer-centric website that wasn't too full of itself. He now runs the board and does a lot of the back office stuff while the show goes on, keeping everyone in line, and the beer flowing!


  1. Adam, I love your beer, especially the barrel aged. Can’t wait for this new one to come out.
    Hi Steve, nice interview. I don’t know what the other 3 people thought but I enjoyed it