Frankenmuth World Expo of Beer


If you have never been to Frankenmuth, Michigan I must implore you to visit. Though some people may find it touristy (who doesn’t want to be served fried chicken by a man in a lederhosen?) there are a lot of small shops and restaurants to be discovered that have an incredibly homey feeling. I would recommend, when coming to this event, come early and take some time to walk the town. You can arrive before the crowds and enjoy what the town has to offer!

As for the actual event, there is a lot to love here. There were more than 400 beers available from over 70 breweries around the country (and Canada!). Hungry? The event also featured giant pretzels and sausages (hey, it’s Frankenmuth!) to tame that world-sized hunger. It also had karaoke for those who are feeling brave (or intoxicated?). For how large the event was, it never felt overly crowded or cramped. Not everyone loves crowds and that’s something I tend to consider when visiting these types of events.

You may notice that I chose lighter beers during this event. I had just eaten a very large pasty and wasn’t prepared to stomach anything too heavy. Luckily, at this event, there are tons of choices for any drinker! There were heavy hitters including Leinenkugel and Blue Moon Brewing (SABMiller), old favorites such as Shorts and smaller up and comers. There were also a number of ciders, meads, and even wines to try. I even tried a beer that tasted like dairy farm! That’s not a compliment. Luckily, there are a number of delicious beers that I sampled. Here are a few prime choices:
El ToroFlying Monkeys (Ontario, Canada)

Super intense spice. Like really. Not hot like a pepper, just SPICE. It’s in my nose and I can’t get it out.

Beach CruiserLatitude 42 (Portage, MI)

A good choice for summer drinking. With the weather turning, it’s always good to scope out the best choices for light drinking and this is a great choice.

Saison – American Harvest Brewpub  (Livonia, MI)

This was part of the new brewing program at Schoolcraft college in Livonia, MI. I was very impressed with this Saison and I am looking for great things coming from them in the future!

Peanuts and Cracker Jack Porter – The Mitten Brewing Co (Grand Rapids, MI)

My personal favorite of the event. Sweet and peanut buttery! So good, malty and tasty.

Soft Parade ShandyShort’s Brewing (Bellaire, MI)

Is soft parade not sweet enough? Too hoppy? You need soft parade shandy! I know a number of people who would be in love with this. And also a number who would hate it.

Cherry JubileeCiderBoys Hard Cider (Stevens Point, WI)

This is an excellent choice for someone who is so full they feel like dying. The cherry adds a nice tartness which prevents the cider from being overly sweet.

Amber Cream AleLansing Brewing Company (Lansing, MI)

A great ball game beer. I would use the word “pleasant”.

The World Expo of Beer is a great event for all beer lovers. The crowds are large but the event area is so large is allows for some breathing room, there are a large number of breweries from all over the country, there are many ciders, mead, and even wines featured, and its location in Frankenmuth make for a truly enjoyable experience. If you are looking for a beer event with a more festive atmosphere and you have some time to spare to explore the town, absolutely check out the World Expo of Beer. You won’t regret it!

I’ll see you there next year!

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