Yuengling Black and Tan Beer Review

“I’m a beautiful Ithorian and no one even my great head curve!”

Brewery: Yuengling
ABV: 4.7%
7 Stars

I had a bottle of Yuengling Black & Tan at my monthly tabletop Star Wars RPG game. I know what you’re thinking, you can be jealous, that’s fine.

I was really fascinated by the look of this beer. It has a deep caramel color and it’s very carbonated. It was even fizzy on the side of my glass! It doesn’t have much of a smell, a bit malty and sweet.

If you are a lover of black and tans like I am, this beer won’t slake that thirst. It tastes more like a blond and brown? It’s very drinkable and it has a nice malt flavor and is crisp and clean. The big problem is that it doesn’t have much depth of flavor. A good black and tan blends the robust flavor of a stout with a refreshing pale ale. This is a bland, weak version of both. A little sweet, a little malty. Meh.

While this beer definitely doesn’t roll a critical miss, it certainly isn’t a nat 20 either. It’s pretty inoffensive and very drinkable. Perfect for a game night perhaps?

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