Tommyknocker Brewing Maple Nut Brown

Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 4.5%
5.5 Stars

For the last few years, a generous client has been signing me up for 6-month subscriptions to Beer of the Month Club as a Christmas gift. January through July, when the last week of the month rolls around, I know there will be a box assorted of beers from across the country delivered to my doorstep. A few pretty good beers have arrived over the years, but they’re normally pretty middle of the road, standard brews.

Just for the heck of it, I decided to snag one out of my current shipment and give it a try. And what better brewery to sample than one which shares a name with a Stephen King novel… the first Stephen King novel I ever read, in fact! TOMMYKNOCKER.

Tommyknocker Brewing hails from Idaho Springs, Colorado, and according the text on their beer labels, they are named after fabled elves that inhabited the gold mining camps of the surrounding mountains and streams. Also according to the label, this particular brew is called Maple Nut Brown and is a brown brewed with a touch of maple syrup, which sounds delightful.

Though the bottle says it’s brewed with maple syrup, I’m not getting much of that maple goodness as I drink this. I can make out the sweet maple a tad in the smell of this beer, but it’s almost entirely lost in the taste. It’s nutty and roasty and surprisingly light-bodied. With very low carbonation resulting in a smooth, almost creamy mouthfeel, this beer is very easy drinking but kind of unremarkable. I was hoping for more of a maple sweetness that I’m just not getting here.

With a very low ABV of 4.5% you could drink a ton of these on Memorial Day, but I would recommend you pick up something with a bit more flavor and excitement this weekend.

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