Short’s Brew Spacerock

Beer: Spacerock
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 5%
6 Stars

The bottle depicts a hipster cruising around space and begging to just “exist”. The label proclaims to be “hopped with some-tasty little nuggets of alien technology” . Shorts is trying something new here, dare say out of this world. Spacerock was traditionally brewed but crafted to remove the gluten.

It pours nicely and has a rich golden color. The smell is very sharp & hoppy. With another whiff i was taken back by how strong the hops here.

The first sip was very bitter and it left a strong bitter aftertaste in my mouth. I cringed a tad having to take another sip. It was very hoppy and again very bitter. This isn’t my first time having a pale ale but after 2 sips i contemplated dumping the bottle. After talking myself out of that crazy idea I let it sit about 10 mins and came back to it.

I went back in for another sip. Much better! Giving the beer a little time to warm took out some of the bitterness. It is light and crisp with just the right amount of hops. As I sip it, the citrus rind flavor comes out. It only leaves a slight lingering bitter taste.

Short’s Brew delivers a solid pale ale beer. At 5% ABV Spacerock won’t leave you feeling like a space cadet.

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