Roak Flavorful Five Review

Brewery: Roak
Style: New England Double IPA
ABV: 9.2%
9.5 Stars

Roak is a newer brewery that was founded in 2015.  They have a well-rounded catalog of beers, but today I want to talk about their Double New England Style IPA, Flavorful Five.  At one better than a certain super hero group, Flavorful five does not disappoint.  The thing about this fantastic beer is that it torches your taste buds and makes other beers appear invisible by comparison.

The beer pours with a thin white head that leaves some nice thick lacing down the glass.  The bouquet explodes with floral hop notes as well as citrus notes, most notably orange.  It is pale orange with the trademark New England IPA haziness.  The flavor is a balanced hoppiness with tropical fruit and sweet, but not cloying, malt.  It finishes dry with orange and pear undertones.

This is a truly impressive beer.  It is balanced, complex, and deceptively easy to drink at 9.2%.  Grab it while you can at your local beer store.

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