New Holland Ichabod Ale

“Ooooooo Spoopy!!”

Style: Pumpkin Ale
ABV: 4.5%
7 Stars

Did you have a spooky Halloween? Fall is still here so if you’re not sick of pumpkin flavored things yet, here’s another to try!

I love how festive this beer looks. It screams fall with it’s deep amber color and creamy foam head. It has few bubbles and looks quite murky which adds to its autumnal mystique. There isn’t much of a pumpkin or spice smell, much more malty.

There’s a nice blend of spice tastes here. That’s my favorite aspect of “fall flavors” and they did a nice job here. I like the tickly tingle it leaves in your mouth as well. One problem however would be the disconnect I experience between the flavors. There are tingles of spice and then you are struck with a strong pumpkin/gourd flavor with hints of water. I also prefer my pumpkin ales to be a bit more on the sweet side just like a variety of delicious pumpkin desserts. That’s a personal preference but I don’t think it’s egregious. It’s almost like eating a pumpkin pie but the canned pumpkin is in one later, the spices are in another and there is no sugar added. I like all of the components but I’m not sure it’s assembled quite correctly…

There are some really solid tastes here. I wish that the flavors were a bit more pronounced and melded together a bit more harmoniously. It’s also a bit strange that this beer has so much head? Get it? It should be Headless??


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