Hitachino Nest White Ale

“The foam is still swirling in circles on top and I can’t stop watching it”

Style: Witbier
ABV: 5.5%
8 Stars

I recently took a stroll through one of my very favorite beer stores in the area. I decided to try an interesting experiment, to build a six pack based solely on bottle art. Maybe people already do this but I decided to give it a try! My first pick is Hitachino Nest white ale. The bottle features an adorable owl and I was intrigued by the Japanese characters. Let’s begin the experiment!


I’m not totally sold on the color of this beer. It has a hazy, yellow-gold color that makes me uneasy for some reason. I think it is on the pale side, more of sickly yellow. Color has no taste however so I am not deterred. The smell is a fruity spice. It is a sour, citrus smell that almost falls into peach territory. Almost like a peach wine?


The taste is very pleasant. It is a very nice balance of spice, sweet, wheat, and fruit. It doesn’t hold back in any flavor area and yet it has a very delicate taste. It is more on the sweet side, so if you are adverse to sweet beers you can easily pass on this, but the balance of flavors and the gentle, juicy texture make for a very pleasurable drinking experience.
I don’t love citrus or sour flavors. However with a nice harmony of wheat and sweet it really helps me appreciate this beer. I would definitely recommend this beer to fans of Oberon, Blue Moon, and other popular witbiers. I would call the first step in my experiment a success and look forward to continued victory.

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