Greenbush Brewing Brother Benjamin Imperial IPA Review

I like my beer like I like my women: sweet, strong, and named Benjamin.

Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 10.1%
8 Stars

There are times when I want a beer, but nothing too exciting. Give me a pale ale, a lager… something easy on the palate, easy on the senses, and something that won’t make me wobble on my heels when I try to hit up the bathroom after drinking a couple. That’s all well and good. Other times, however, I want a beer that will assault my senses with malt, hops and honey and get me a good drunk going.

For times like those, I turn to my ol’ pal Brother Benjamin.

Brother Benjamin from Greenbush Brewing Co. in Sawyer, MI is one of the IPAest IPAs I’ve ever IPA’d. It’s one of my usual go-tos from Greenbush and a beer that I truly enjoy drinking, though it can be quite a smack to the mouth the first few sips. Herbal, malty and piney notes punch me in the nose as I pop the bottle and pour it’s golden brown contents into a glass. I find this beer to be very honey-sweet upfront and very bitter on the backend… there’s little that’s subtle about this brew, and I am a-okay with that.

The ABV is quite high at 10.1% and, boy, do you notice it. There’s a persistent warmth at the back of my throat as I drink, and once my pint glass has been emptied into my body, I’m well on my way to buzztown.

While some may find the sweetness to this IPA a bit cloying, I enjoy it, though it’s probably not something I could down a half dozen of in a sitting. I prefer to sip and enjoy like a fine barleywine, which is honestly a good comparison for this beer. Thick, strong and something to slowly enjoy. So bust out those snifters, pop those beer caps, and get sipping.

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