Drafting Table Brewing Co. “Mean Peanut Butter Bean” Review

Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout
ABV: 12.5%
9 Stars

So, it’s Spring release season here in the great state of Michigan. As always, it’s kicked off by the release of Founders “KBS” followed by Bell’s “Oberon”, and Perrin’s “No Rules”. Mixed in there are some releases/ re-releases from some local breweries that have been pretty good. One in particular caught my attention last week. Drafting Table Brewing Company released bottles of their “Mean Peanut Butter Bean” Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout and it absolutely does not disappoint.

My first concern with Stouts from smaller breweries is ALWAYS the viscosity. I’m a bit critical when it comes to the style and few things are worse than a “thin” Stout. This pours wonderfully and very thick and dark from the bottle.

The nose threw me off a bit. There’s NOTHING there, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I didn’t detect any peanut butter or bourbon and probably more roasty notes than anything. This made me anticipate the first sip even more.

Mean Peanut Butter Bean opens spectacularly with HUGE bourbon character. It remains full throughout, which is a highlight for me, and remains bourbon heavy through the finish with lots of heat and subtle but noticeable peanut butter and some slightly bitter chocolate. If there is a drawback to this beer, it’s that it’s too bourbon heavy relative to the peanut butter notes. You won’t ever hear me say that something had too much bourbon, so this works for me. This beer will be on my list of bottles to grab whenever it is released. Cheers!

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