Coppertail Brewing Company’s Night Swim Porter

Style: Robust Porter
ABV: 6.5
6.5 Stars


I can hear Homer say it.  I’ve been on a roll with some Florida beers, so I grabbed one labeled a “Robust Porter” and headed home with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.


Okay, let me regroup a little here.  As Porters go this is a decent one, just not exactly what I like and what I expect when I see the word ‘Porter’ on the label.  I’ll say this right up front: it was a little bit disappointing.  A Porter should have the body of a pinup queen and this one seemed a little light, almost thin to the taste.  Just not what I expected from a Porter and unfortunately not as good as my last Coppertail Brewing venture, the Free Dive.

The beer pours out a rich, deep, dark color with a slightly tan head.  The head was kind of a first clue: it really wasn’t as thick and full as I usually see in a beer labeled Porter.  There is the requisite chocolate / malty coffee smell, and the taste certainly includes the roasted tastes you’d expect, but somehow something was just not right.  In addition to being a little light, a little thin for a Porter, it also had a bit of a bite to it that I don’t recall in other Porters of my checkered past.

It doesn’t taste terrible, it just doesn’t seem to taste right – for a Porter.

I suspect that if you were going to down a few of these with some spicy chili or hot dogs with chili sauce or even some brisket that’s spent a few hours over the coals you’d have a good and satisfying combination.

Just not exactly a Porter in the best sense of the label.

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