Beer Review – Brewery Vivant – Triomphe

Beer: Triomphe
Style: Belgian IPA
ABV: %
7.5 Stars

Welcome to 2018 beer lovers!  I wanted to start out the year with something refreshing and complex.  I landed on Brewery Vivant’s Triomphe, which is a Belgian Style IPA.  I recently took a trip to their taproom out in Grand Rapids and I can’t remember having a bad beer there.

Triomphe pours with a light white head and light lacing.  The beer is slightly hazy golden color, bordering on orange.  Triomphe has a complex aroma of sweet malt, citrus, and banana.  Tasting this beer is quite the ride as it starts off with the sweet ester flavors of a Belgian, which is rounded out with lemon and earthy hops.  It finishes with a dry hoppy finish and has a light mouthfeel.  The carbonation feels just right.

I was pretty impressed with Triomphe, especially since I’m not a big fan of mixing Belgian yeasts with IPAs.  Triomphe walks a fine line between being too sweet and too hoppy, and ends up being a fairly good beer to have with pizza or Mexican food.  Wishing you all a triumphant 2018!

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