This week on the first ever episode of the Better on Draft Podcast, you were introduced to the hosts Ken, Dan, and Nick. Listen as they take you into the beers that they’re drinking for the night, their interview with Eric Briggeman from the Michigan Brewers Guild, and discussing everything from corporate beer buyouts, beer with protein, and some of their favorite places to drink!

Episode #1 Drink List
Deschuttes Barrel Aged Black Butte XXVII
Kuhnhenn Cherry Oud Bruin
Yuengling Traditional Lager
Yuengling Black & Tan
The Bruery Autumn Maple
Allagash Brewing Company Riverton
Allagash Brewing Company Tripel
3 Floyds Brewing Company Calumet Queen

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By Ken

A craft beer fan since 19, used to look for your non-regular beers on frequent trips to downtown Windsor with friends, at 21 Ken basically took over an entire refrigerator with monthly visits to Merchants. With 5 years of podcasting prior, Ken decided to create the brand and show Better on Draft in the spring of 2015, and began creating his dream of a beer-centric website that wasn't too full of itself. He now runs the board and does a lot of the back office stuff while the show goes on, keeping everyone in line, and the beer flowing!

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