These numbers are represented the same way that the Michigan Beer Guide used to do so.  We have also confirmed numbers with The Brewers Association Year in Review guide.  With that in mind we will be adding this nugget of information to help you better understand the numbers.

The numbers in this report were posted by the Brewers Association.  Highlighted numbers are estimates done by looking at excise tax and not given to the Brewers Association.  We must state that while the majority of these numbers are accurate, we realize not every single number is 100% due to reporting and or posting errors and some bbls may be lumped together in distributor portfolios rather than paid by breweries. Numbers may not include non-or late payments by individual licensees. However, we believe these numbers still represent a clear and unbiased picture on the overall state of the industry.

The numbers are expressed in beer barrels (bbls), the standard rate of production measurement for beer in the USA. A beer barrel (bbl) is 31 gallons, or 13.77 12-ounce case equivalents, or 248 pints. The MLCC requires licenses to report bbl volume to the third decimal place, for ease of reading we have rounded each number to the nearest whole number.

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