Monday, October 19, 2020

Beer Review – Ellison Brewing Co – 97.1 The Ticket Hazy Pale Ale

Will Ellison Brewing Co's 97.1 The Ticket Hazy Pale Ale live up to Dani's 97.1 nostalgic memories? Check out this beer review to see!

Beer Review – Foothills Brewing – Torch Pilsner

I bought a bottle of Foothills Brewing Torch Pilsner as another grab in a pick six, primarily because the label stood out in the...

Beer Review – Heineken – 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer

Heineken is on board for Dry January! The Dutch brewing company's campaign for their 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer has been pushed out to the masses with...

Beer Review – Lagunitas Brewing Company – Aunt Sally

Oh boy am I in trouble. A little backstory: I was reacquainted with an old friend a little over a year ago, from my hometown...

Beer Review – Motor City Brew Works – Belgian Style Tripel

They say that the best beer is free beer. While that is true, that won’t stop me from nitpicking about the taste! What a fun...

Beer Review – Clown Shoes Beer – American Monastic

I am generally a fan of Belgian beers, but sometimes they are far too yeasty. My alternative and preference is American Style Belgians. They...

Beer Review – Eastern Market Brewing Company – Dees Bees Knees

Eastern Market Brewing Company (EMBC) shook things up for the Detroit Fall Beer Festival last month in their backyard at Eastern Market. They were...

Beer Review – Southern Tier – Pumpking

Recently, I had an usual and violent urge to drink a whole lot of alcohol. I can’t imagine what may have occurred recently to...

Beer Review – Against the Grain Brewery – Rico Sauvin IPA

Look at the photo of that can. Just look at it. Now imagine me seeing this on the beer store shelf and not buying...

Beer Review – Goose Island Brewery – Matilda

If you’re looking for a classy label, look no further than Goose Island's line of vintage ales. Clean and plain canvases with very flowy...

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