Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Beer Review – AB InBev – Foster’s Lager

Dear Australians, please forgive me. This review is meant to bridge the gap between American and Australians and bring us together in a rousing...

Beer Review – Yuengling – Black and Tan (2016)

I had a bottle of Yuengling Black & Tan at my monthly tabletop Star Wars RPG game. I know what you’re thinking, you can...

Beer Review – Old Nation Brewing Co – Boss Tweed

So, I'm going to skip all the niceities and cordialities and get right to it. Old Nation is LEGIT when it comes to North...

Beer Review – AB InBev – Bud Light Lime

Since I recently reviewed a citrus flavored beer, let’s keep that train moving and have another! This time is Bud Light Lime! It’s a...

Beer Review – Shipyard Brewing Company – Pumpkinhead

For this final beer in my label picking challenge, I may have cheated just a bit. I am a big sucker for pumpkin-spice...

Beer Review – Old Nation Brewing Co – M-43

  I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our nations Independence Day then with a cold glass of Old Nation Brewing Company's M-43...

Beer Review – Short’s Brewing Company – S’more Stout Review

Randy Marsh and his band of Confederate reenactors needed a little extra energy and alcohol to continue there brave and historically inaccurate conquest of...

Beer Review – Odd Side Ales – Lucid Dreams

I was creating my own six pack at the Lager Mill when one beer stood out, all alone. With a wax coated top, Odd...

Beer Review – Founders Brewing Co – Cerise

Founders Brewing Co recently relased Cerise, a Michigan-only beer highlighting iconic Michigan cherries with proceeds going to Fair and Equal Michigan.

Beer Review – Dark Horse Brewing Company – German Hobo

A collaboration with Old Nation Brewing, The German Hobo Malt Liquor from Dark Horse Brewing is some strong dancejuice, both in flavor and alcohol...

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