About Us

In April of 2012, Dan and Ken started their own adventure by creating their own online podcasting network, a home for people who wanted to start their own show, and get distribution without having to pay any money. It was also the genesis of 40 oz Friday, the very first show Dan and Ken would do together. As Ken would continue to create new shows and build Radio Influence and the Radio Influence brand, he decided to sell the website in 2015 moving to other interests. In late 2015, Ken was approached to revitalize 40 oz Friday on a new network in metro Detroit, and decided to bring Dan back as well as their friend Nick, but change the show to do just for fun, that would incorporate their love for beer. With their gift to gab, October 2015 saw the beginning of Better on Draft, a two hour Friday night bottle share that would combine trying new beers, talking to those in the industry, and entertaining fans.

Over the next two and a half years, the show grew as in January of 2016, we invited Rob to join the team after having him on the show. Rob’s love for dark beer and interest within the community has allowed for us to expand even further. Matt was the next one to join as a crazy happenstance. Matt was asked to be a stand in for when a host was to be absent, and after six straight weeks of rotating absences from hosts, we decided to invite him in as a full time host in the Summer of 2016. Our most recent addition came in Spring of 2017 in which we invited Angela to join the show. Her creativity and insider information of the industry has allowed us to get a different perspective of life as beer fans.

In two and a half years, Better on Draft has grown as a brand and has expanded to include beer and brewery reviews, event reviews, and began its three segment show which includes a weekly topic or interview, beer news, and Five Questions with Matt Bush.

We specialize in Michigan beer, but we take our beer just like Planet Fitness does fitness. We are a judgment free zone! Drink what you like, and like what you drink! Cheers, and no matter what you think of your beer, we think it’s Better on Draft